February 28, 2016

Episode 8: Analisa Freitas

Analisa Freitas is an extremely busy Peruvian adoptee and the FIRST non-Korean guest to the Rambler!  

She is the Bronx Organizer & Climate Justice Campaign Lead for Faith in New York (FINY), the NY state affiliate of the PICO National Network. She was born in Lima, Peru, adopted at two months old, and raised in California’s Central Valley. Analisa earned her Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies at Sarah Lawrence College and Lehman College in New York. During her junior year, she returned to her birth country to study sociology and anthropology at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in Lima. She experienced a reunion with her birth mother and birth brother, and returned to her indigenous roots in Huari, her birth family’s hometown.  Analisa has focused on developing environmental outreach, education, and leadership programs for local underserved communities as a Community Organizer for the Tuolumne River Trust and an East Coast Coordinator of Latino Outdoors. She has also advocated for state- and national-level clean energy policy in her role as Project Coordinator of Voces Verdes, a national Latino grasstops advocacy program under the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Center for Policy Advocacy.

She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Gift of Identity Fund, and is adjunct staff with The Ties Program, a Senior Fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program, and a Natural Leader for the Children & Nature Network’s Natural Leader Network.  

She is on Twitter at @doingthemost247, @vocesanalisa, and @finyanalisa.  YES, those are ALL her Twitter handles (that I know of).  

Songs from A Collective Effort are available at SoundCloud (Http://soundcloud.com/acollectiveeffortmusic/sets/a-collective-effort-mix-bag) and other music of the podcast comes courtesy of Needle Drop Records by the band, The Bell.  

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