September 4, 2016

Episode 34: We The Lees

The Lees are a husband/wife team who happen to both be Korean adoptees. This commonality brings a lot of unique dynamics to their marriage, their understanding of each other, & their interactions with others. They currently reside in Nashville, TN.

About Lee

Lee was adopted at four months of age from Busan, South Korea.  He has never met his birth family or started a search for them yet.  Lee married a Korean adoptee who has been in post reunion with her birth family.  He met Whitney’s birth family back in 2014 for the first time and has had the opportunity to begin developing a strong relationship with them even to this day.  He is extremely fortunate to have the opportunity of seeing firsthand how an adoptee in post reunion and her family interact daily while being so far apart.  Lee hopes to learn from this experience and be able to apply it to his own potential birth family search in the future.  For now, he is content with continuing to build his relationship with Whitney’s family and discuss adoption issues with people from all around the world.

About Whitney

Upon moving to Korea for work after finishing her Bachelor’s degree, Whitney was given the unexpected opportunity to reunite with her birth family and begin to develop relationships with that nuclear core, as well as a large extended family. Six years later, she maintains regular contact with them and has experienced all of the ups and downs of navigating the complexities and dynamics of these relationships. Whitney has made every attempt to remain an open book throughout the experience in an effort to offer a perspective to adoptees and their families about what a birth family reunion can look like. She is quick to emphasize that she is not adoption expert and that her experience is just that – her experience. Adoption is such a uniquely personal thing that varies according to any number of factors (individual, family, cultural, etc.) and everyone has their own unique story.

You can check out their blog, “We the Lees,” at or on Twitter @WeTheLees.

You can ALSO check out China’s Children International’s Interview with ME from this past week on YouTube (!  I was honored to be asked to chat with them and share a little of my story; so if you’re interested in that, be sure to check it out.

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