July 17, 2016

Episode 27: Spencer Stevens

Spencer is a Korean-Adoptee, born in Seoul and raised in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. In pursuit of higher education, he enlisted into the US Air Force with the great fortune of serving six years as a Korean Cryptologic Language Analyst, spending two years learning Korean in Monterey, California. After being stationed in Maryland, Spencer pursued networking and community building within the international adoption community in the Greater Washington DC metropolitan. There, he has served as the former president of Adoption Links, DC and later connected with Connect-A-Kid in 2015 to become the Social Media Manager. Aside from community involvement, Spencer is pursuing a career in the federal government and actively training and competing in the ice sport of curling. 

Songs from A Collective Effort are available at SoundCloud (Http://soundcloud.com/acollectiveeffortmusic/sets/a-collective-effort-mix-bag) and other music of the podcast comes courtesy of Needle Drop Records by The Bell.

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